Who is David?

David is a Spiritual Strategist, Diviner, Reiki Master, Energy-Worker, and Psychic-Medium currently living in the Greater Hamilton area of Southern Ontario. He has been formally reading cards, talking to Spirits and providing spiritual assistance to sincere seekers since his early teens as a natural expression of the abilities he inherited from his maternal side of the family. His secular education and background are in social services and disability studies and he continues to incorporate the skills he learned in his secular work into his spiritual life and vice-versa.

David began exploring the spiritual world as a young child. A difficult and delayed birth led his mother to seek the intervention of the Archangel Michael during her pregnancy. Not quite three short years later, (as clarified by his mother recently) David began to disclose conversations with an old white-haired man “made of light” who appeared at night in his room.

Just shy of his fourth birthday David was playing along the shore of Lake Ontario with his father while his mother was inside their lakefront apartment caring for his younger sister.  Momentarily distracted his father turned away just long enough for David to slip off the rocks and into the water – nearly drowning. In that same moment he slipped and fell into the water his mother came running down to the shore having herself felt something was out of sorts before it actually occurred and pulled him out of the water by his hair saving him from being carried in the current into the depths of the lake.

Following these events he later began to talk to his mother and his maternal grandmother about the little red and green people who infused the plants and flowers in the gardens with life, began spontaneously talking about long-dead family members he had never met or brought up problems and concerns people around him were struggling with and offering prayer and unique insight into how they could best resolve them.  More surprisingly, he began to identify ailments family members and family friends were suffering with and would lay his hands on them generating a warm, healing energy that poured through his hands and alleviated their pains.  As he grew into his teens many of these early experiences largely faded from memory save the mention of the old man and the little people in the gardens that his grandmother would remind him of while recounting her own experiences with the spiritual world and the spontaneous laying on of hands he would frequently do for friends, family and pets.

Discovering Tarot at 13, after finding a deck of A.T. Mann’s Mandala Astrological Tarot  hidden in a desk drawer he began to work with the deck intuitively and read for friends at school, then his mother and her friends and then others who were referred to him. David progressed into working with other more traditional tarot decks and branched out to read through other venues and events over time as well.  During his teen years he also began to explore Spiritualism, tea-leaf reading, astrology, various modalities of Healing, the uses of Stones and Crystals, Wicca and other spiritual disciplines. He took formal initiations in a small selection of spiritual disciplines in his 20s and his continuing spiritual journey took him to Spiritism from an Afro-Caribbean perspective and the Orisha traditions of Cuba. He has been blessed to have been mentored by wonderful spiritual elders over the years.

David continues to engage in a life-long learning working to continually strengthen his spiritual skills through both experience and ongoing education. Incorporating elements of his background in the helping professions into his work as a Diviner & Consultant a card reading or spiritual consultation with David is a unique and a transformational experience geared towards not only helping you discover the path ahead of you,but also towards helping you find solutions to the problems that have brought you to a session with him and his Guides.

Currently David travels to various places in Ontario and into neighboring Michigan to work with clients and he has also begun to offer more regular opportunities for appointments by phone, email and through Skype for an international clientele unable to attend in person sessions.


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